I am a baby lover at heart and meeting a new soul, especially when I have had the chance to be excited with the parents through a MATERNITY SESSION is such a treat. Maebry Rose. Oh, my. She was just as lovely as her name. I arrived and chatted with her mom, who looked amazingly well after her c-section, and then she brought out a few special clothes for her. It felt like we were playing with a dolly. This little lady with the fair blonde hair and perfect creamy skin was as sweet as she could be.....so long as her little tummy was full. Love a girl that can eat!

Here are some of the ones we did of just her.

Seriously?! I think she pointed her toes in her tutu just for the picture. What a girl!

IMG 9895 copy

Then she started grinning, a clear sign that she was enjoying being the center of attention. What pretty girl doesn't?

IMG 9916 copy

IMG 9921 copy edited-1

Very newborn to have those little hands all over the face.

IMG 9944 copy

IMG 9967 copy

IMG 9977 copy-1

IMG 0025 copy

In a homemade cap that someone gave her mommy at her shower. I {heart} homemade gifts.

IMG 0038 copy

IMG 0059 copy

Then we did several with her parents. I really wanted to convey all the affection that I was feeling in their home. They were so obviously delighted with their daughter.

IMG 0079 copy

Love how little she looks in her daddy's arms.IMG 0069 copy edited-1

IMG 0105 copy edited-1

IMG 0115 copy

IMG 0120 copy

IMG 0133 copy

Seeing mama love is endlessly fascinating for me. Aren't they beautiful?

IMG 0154 copy

IMG 0175 copy

IMG 0188 copy edited-1

IMG 0214 copy edited-1

Usually when I spin through my images when I get home, I can immediately pick out the best ones. Sometimes, it is when I am going through and editing that one grabs me that I hadn't noticed before. I sat and stared at my monitor for several moments when this one came up.

IMG 0263 copy

IMG 0273 copy

IMG 0203 copy

I read a quote lately that said, "To love and be loved is to feel the sun on both sides." It was feeling pretty sunny in this home.

Matt and Meghan, thank you for sharing this special time with me.

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