One of my favorite parts of photographing families is documenting the growth and changes.  A year ago, little Astraea was the first splash of baby pink in their home.  I popped by on her one year birthday to do a few pictures of her in her sweet birthday dress.  She’s such a little lady, full of smiles and loving to cuddle with her mama.

A couple weeks, later the whole family met up for an update in Old Tacoma.  Wes, Zane and Orrin are such awesome boys and were racing, skating on the frosty ground and teasing each other.  I love kids with personality and big, noisy families have a special spot in my heart as we’re big and noisy too! We laughed and played and kept it moving because that’s the best way to do it with kids!

Mindi’s been working on a wonderful photo wall in their living room.  It always makes me happy to see pictures printed and up on walls when I go to homes.  I hope these images will have their spots for them to enjoy and remind them of the blessing in their family!


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One thing that I love to do in family sessions is to get a shot of each parent with each of the kids.