I remember laughing years ago when I was reading one of Jan Karon's popular books and came across her description of Emma Newland, the Genghis Khan of church secretaries. We've all heard of office managers like that, who rule things with an iron fist :). Not at our church, thankfully. There's an incredible team who are serving the people who have any interaction with our church. What a blessing to have a kind voice and help when you need someone. Martina is the office secretary and keeps a whole lot happening for a whole lot of people and does it in a very efficient and warm manner. In fact, she was helping me with a project this summer when she mentioned that it had been a long time since their family had taken family pictures and she might be giving me a call.

I am so glad that she did call and set an appointment. They were guessing that it had been close to ten years since the last official group shot and a few things have changed. Together that day were Martina and her husband, Rick, her mom, Evelyn. Then Rick's daughters: Melissa with her fiancee, Thomas, and Sarah with her boyfriend, Marcus. Super fun crew. I really enjoyed them and could see how much they enjoy each other. They cuddled close in the group shots not just for body warmth but also because they like each other.

05-IMG 5620 copy


04-IMG 5619 copy


03-IMG 5610 copy


01-IMG 5544 copy


06-IMG 5628 copy

31-gallery cline2

32-gallery cline1

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30-gallery cline

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I had the girls strike a pose for me.

17-IMG 5711 copy

Then we had everyone give me their best move.

18-IMG 5726 copy


22-IMG 5790 copy


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25-IMG 5835 copy


35-gallery cline5

I really love how these next ones turned out in front of the Chihuly glass display. I love all the warm colors with their great expressions.


19-IMG 5762 copy


21-IMG 5778 copy

Hope it won't be another 10 years before you do it again (I'm guessing it won't be :) ).