On this trip to Texas I was lucky to get to photograph two of my dearest friends who were also bridesmaids at my wedding. Beyond photographing their families I also got to sit down and visit with them. When Tiffany and I pulled up our chairs to our table filled with goodies at La Madeleine's, we immediately jumped right into catching up and the heart of what is going on in each other's lives. Friendships like this are few and far between and there was lots to talk about before they pretty much kicked us out of the restaurant. We became friends in our education classes at DBU and then were housemates for a while and I remember many a cup of tea and conversations in the middle of the craziness of working and student teaching. In fact, we often would blow dry our hair at the same time in the morning and as we'd hang out heads upside down we had some extra time to chat, though rather loudly over the noise. I so appreciate her warmth, her willingness to listen and the example she's been in my life of someone who is teachable and wants to grow in truth and love. This session with her husband and three boys was particularly fun for me to see the dynamic of her family as usually on my yearly visits, I've just been seeing her. What a super dad David is and their three boys are just awesome...totally different personalities but each with a really wonderful heart. Seeing my friend in the middle of the blessing of her beautiful family filled my heart up.

We talked and laughed and played because I never want family pictures to be tedious and painful. When, at the end, I asked if pictures were torture and Zach said, "No, they were really fun", I told him I'd have to use his voice saying that on my website :).

01-IMG 1870 copy


02-IMG 1871 copy

I asked David what Sam was really good at and his answer is not publishable but sure got everyone laughing. Ah, potty talk with boys. It always works.

03-IMG 1876 copy


04-IMG 1899 copy

The "cool guy" look. Sam just was too sweet and started smiling.

06-IMG 1912 copy


05-IMG 1917 copy


07-IMG 1920 copy

26-stillwell gallery


08-IMG 1939 copy


09-IMG 1941 copy

Look at Noah's face on the right...perhaps his mother was torturing him a bit?

30-stillwell gallery4


27-stillwell gallery1


28-stillwell gallery2


29-stillwell gallery3

34-stillwell gallery8

Putting on their best dance moves.

10-IMG 2032 copy


11-IMG 2053 copy


12-IMG 2065 copy

One of the things I love to do at full sessions when we can is take a picture of each parent with each child.

33-stillwell gallery7


13-IMG 2075 copy

I often will ask questions and am not quite sure what this one was but obviously two brothers were confessing.

14-IMG 2080 copy

LOVE those faces!

15-IMG 2082 copy


16-IMG 2093 copy

The light is a bit different in these pictures as we did them on different sides of the staircase so that the wind was blowing the right was with one person's cool new haircut :).

35-stillwell gallery9

We really appreciated that "S" monogram that was perfect for this family.

17-IMG 2099 copy


18-IMG 2096 copy

Headshots of the parents too...it's important! (They look great!)

31-stillwell gallery5

32-stillwell gallery6


19-IMG 2154 copy

Just when the faces get a bit "practiced" with smiling we need to play around a little.

20-IMG 2161 copy

21-IMG 2163 copy

22-IMG 2178 copy

23-IMG 2197 copy

24-IMG 2203 copy

25-IMG 2206 copy

There is blessing and life all over them. Tiff and David, thanks for spending this time with me. I had a blast and it encouraged my heart so much to see you with your boys.