I find that I am always looking for new locations. I drive around peering at buildings and barns and streets. I have had my eye on these yellow spring flowers that grow all over the place this time of year. When my friend, Amy, and I chatted about taking some spring portraits of her girls...I knew just the place.

Girly as girly can be are these darlings. Princesses, flowing dresses, hairbows and fairy tales. And they are sweet as sugar too. I have a special place in my heart for these sisters.

Here are the oldest two. You can imagine the giggling.

IMG 3367 copy edited-1

Sweet Adelai. Look at those eyes and lips...so, so pretty.

IMG 3336 copy edited-1

IMG 3385 copy edited-1

IMG 3394 copy edited-1


IMG 3278 copy edited-1

Sweet but then she just can't help messing around a little. This girl is a party.

IMG 3365 copy edited-1


IMG 3288 copywat

IMG 3300 copy edited-1

All three together..no small task.

IMG 3411 copy edited-1

Little Adelai was not feeling the group pictures until her mama had an idea and perched her on her shoulders. Good work, Amy!

The next one is to show the motherly sacrifice of my friend.

IMG 3418 copy edited-1

Hugs and kisses to all!!!!

IMG 3423 copy edited-1