Here is Hayden, three years old, and full of personality, ideas, and charm. His birthday was in April, so by now he is a pro at being three. Little boys are my world too so it was fun to hang out with this little guy and his sweet mommy and discover what makes him tick. Three year olds are often unpredictable and get distracted by the funniest things and yet, there is a big measure of predictability of what makes them laugh and respond. I was thrilled when he responded to our time together with a big heart.

IMG 7281 copywat

Hayden is a car guy so we did part of his session with a few of his favorites.

IMG 7259 copywat

IMG 7270 copywat

And of course, what kid can resist balloons?

IMG 7360 copy edited-1

And I can't resist giving lollipops and making new friends :).

IMG 7308 copy

My husband was a helper in his Sunday School class one day, when our sons were there too. He came home, grinning, and telling me about how Hayden was walking around the class making sure that all the kids were well cared for and happy with their toys. A good heart this one has.

Good job helping this little guy to grow, Mommy (and his Daddy too)!

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Happy three.

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