Part of the fun of Facebook is getting a bit of a glimpse into the lives of friends that are far away. I moved away from Texas before Erica and Chris had kids. In fact, their kids are very close in ages to my littles. I have seen snippets in facebook statuses that made me want to meet their children. It was fun to follow along in their excitement when they announced that number three was on the way, to hear that the baby was a girl....and then that she had arrived. Only she hadn't arrived yet. Someone started the congratulations on Erica's page and before long, well wishes and offers to bring meals were pouring in...until Erica stepped in and said that her bun was still in the oven :) . It was like that game of "Telephone" that we played when we were little. Well, little Susannah did arrive ,of course,and I was thrilled to meet all three. Ethan was a monkey as I expected, a good hearted busy guy. Natalie is a love, such a sweet big girl. Susannah is a happy head, a little sunshine.

Susannah looks at her crazy brother :) . Love this one.

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IMG 0072 copyw

Tickle time.

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Then wee Susannah got a tad overwhelmed at the craziness.

IMG 0096 copy edited-1

Erica had worked hard for the day to go smoothly.....the clothes she wanted Ethan to wear going in the dryer so he'd want to wear shoes for Natalie...a little nap for Susannah before they got there. However, as a mom myself, I know that things are never perfect. Right in the middle of things, little Susannah started munching her hands. She wanted to eat some more. I always make some extra time for families, especially ones with wee ones. Erica went off to feed the baby and Chris played with  the older kids so I could get some other shots, and their flexibility kept things going.

Nothing like a good dad.

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She's a beauty.

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This next picture is one I posted on facebook and have had tons of comments on. I think that people love to see the connection of a mom and baby like this....and who can resist a happy baby (and gorgeous mama...hello!).

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They are a fantastic couple.

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Messing around. Photos should be fun, right?

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Loved my time with your family, Chris and Erica :) . Ethan in this last one cracks me up. Give me a kid with personality any day.