I was very blessed to be a part of this special gift.  Erika contacted me last Christmas and let me know that she and her sister had been talking about doing a family photo session, highlighting their precious grandparents.  It took some real co-coordinating to line up all of our schedules and I was so glad that she worked so hard to make it work.  We ended up with a gorgeous afternoon to take their portraits. 

Frances and Ernie are precious and the love that they have for the Lord, each other and their family is deep.  What a truly beautiful thing it is to see what a lifetime of loving looks like.  The whole family clearly shares some close ties and Erika and Elyse said they are so thankful for them.  Photographed along with their grandparents, were their parents, Joyce and Mark,  and aunt, Gloria and uncle, John.  They were fun, easy to laugh with and happy to be together.

Some of the smiles that you’ll see here shone as brightly as the sunshine that day.

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