"Of all the means of expression, photography is the only one that fixes a precise moment in time." Henri Cartier-Bresson

It's true, isn't it? I spent a chunk of the afternoon with a wonderful family made up of five beautiful kids and two parents that love, love each other and love, love their kids. Today we fixed a precise moment in time. Next year, the twins will be running all over, Michael will have grown so much, Matthew might be missing some more teeth and Sarah will have even more impressive words to toss into her conversation. I loved that I had the opportunity to capture some of what their family is right now, August 2009.

Part of what families are is messy and busy, especially when preschoolers are involved. I think all three of us adults had a bit of a workout by the end of collecting everyone and doing this session. But it was so worth it! I love that it is a snapshot of where everyone is today, and I would so much rather things be a little crazy than over posed and stagnant.

So without further pontification, Anna and Craig, here is your peek.....

I love hands and everyone's hands are going to change a lot in the next several years.

IMG 0902 copy

Doing photos at a family's home for me is so FUN. I love getting into that space. We were thankful for the great weather so we could get outside.

I love the expression on Hannah's face, like she was giving me pointers on how to take the group shot.

IMG 0905 copy

I'll take bare feet any day....

IMG 0913 copy

We were all working hard to get these busy almost-one-year-old girlies to look up at us.

IMG 0999 copy

Hannah. Yummy little baby face.

IMG 1003 copy

Amara wasn't too sure about this whole photography deal and Anna, after all your gymnastics, I did get some of her smiling but I have to say, this was one of my favorites!

IMG 1195 copy

Michael is in the middle and gets all the tickles...

IMG 0952 copy

These beauties look like their mommy.

IMG 1110 copy

The boys are getting ready for some FOOTBALL!!!

IMG 1221 copy

On our way in, I had Sarah take one with her dad. She immediately perched on his lap and wound her arms around his neck. She was kissing and hugging him. "I love you, Daddy. I love you...." He laughed and hugged her back. It is so fun to see kids responding to all they have been given.

IMG 1224 copy

Craig and Anna, I was delighted to spend this time with you and your wonderful littles. God bless you all!

IMG 1206 copy