I am a mother who is a firm believer in "alone time". Possibly reinforced by meeting many kids and adults through my life who don't know how to enjoy being by themselves, this was a skill that I was determined to work on with my offspring.

So starting from the time they were little babies, I have left them alone in a room in a playpen of toys for a few minutes each day. There have certainly been days where they have balked but overall, they all love to play on their own for a while. Music playing. Toys and books out.

Now we are to the point where Jasper thanks me for putting him in "room time". On this day, I popped into his room after about forty-five minutes and he told me he wasn't done yet.

So I got my camera and played around with my lenses a little, hoping to catch him in action.

He glanced up, and started turning his animals in a lineup facing me. "All right, an'mals," he began in his sweet two-year-old voice. "Smile for a cam'ra."

IMG 2426 copy

He knows it....this son of mine who has the camera pointed at him regularly.

IMG 2421 copy

And then I was glad that "alone time" was over, because I was ready to be with this little guy again.

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