I am officially 30 weeks (and three days along) in this pregnancy. I am ever looking forward to the WONDERFUL DAY of making it to the "safe zone" of 37 weeks. Six weeks, four days, and roughly four hours to go! Oh, October 14th, how I look forward to you!

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Cabbage! Apparently my baby is now about three pounds, the size of a nice, hearty cabbage (which will soon been chopped into a great Asian salad that my mum introduced me to.) Most people say that I am looking pretty "small", whatever that means. I think this is where the lucky part of being tall comes in, and I can hide this little guy who is tucked away inside.

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Let's take a look back at my figure slowly morphing into a garden patch. Just as long as I don't go from a cabbage to a big pumpkin, all will be well.

14 weeks.....18 weeks......22 weeks....26 weeks.

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And the counting part. At about 18 weeks I started having contractions. There really isn't a rhyme or reason to it, my body just starts having contractions early. As long as they stay Braxton Hicks contractions (practice contractions for you lovely people who have no idea what that means) and not baby-producing contractions, I am okay. So for the last 12 weeks I have been counting and watching the clock, and trying, TRYING to slow down when things kick up. I am absolutely grateful to have the best care I could imagine. I have two wonderful midwives who are fun and who know me and my history and who are willing to walk this out with me, though I am not their typical client. It is my goal, as with my other children, to have this baby at home. I have been blessed to be able to have healthy births and babies and am not considered "high risk", so long as I can make it to 37 weeks on the dot. Helping to get me there is an experienced doctor and his nurse practitioner who work with this kind of problem at the UW Medical Center. They are keeping tabs on my measurements and prescribing meds, and giving me encouraging smiles each time, telling me I am going to make it.

I will be so, so, SO glad to make it to 37 weeks and be able to welcome my full term baby boy. I am secretly hoping to make it to that day, and then have a few days to clean my house from top to bottom and whirlwind around, getting everything in order, without worrying about numbers of contractions in an hour.

I have three little reminders around me all the time, that all this slowing down, counting and waiting is worth it.

So, so worth it.

(photo credit to Ben Hamilton, wonderful husband)

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As far as photography goes, I am having to wind things up a bit. I am incredibly grateful to have made it to the end of August and for all the fun and wonderful sessions that I have had this summer. I am finding now that my threshold for what I can do before contractions go beyond what is manageable, is getting lower. So I am going to need to take it easy. I will give a shout when I can start booking a few sessions again.

I so appreciate all the support and love towards me, our family and this baby. We feel very blessed.

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One more note: I think I am married to the most incredible husband for me. Ben is my rock, my support, my constant when I am flailing all over the place. He has picked up every bit of slack of extra chores around the house, extra kid time at night and extra encouraging of his wife. He doesn't sigh or verbalize a single thing that he is missing out on. And when I hear him wrestling around or singing silly songs at night with the kids, it makes me so very glad that we are doing this together. I love him. And I know he loves me ever so much.

I will increase my updates here at the end, now that my appointments are going from four to two weeks to....seeing our little son.