Since my prenatal appointments are moving from every four to every two weeks, I thought I would adjust my blogging updates too. So....thirty two weeks (almost 33)..and according to my Baby Center email updates, my baby is about the size of a pineapple. 3.75 pounds. Thank the Lord there won't be appendages the shape of the top of the pineapple. Enough said :).

IMG 4228 copywat

This little fellow sure has grown.

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So I woke up today, September 14th, and breathed a sigh of relief because...drumroll, please.....on October 14th I will be exactly 37 weeks! Full term! Able to have my baby at home! Done counting contractions forever! I am so very glad to be in the last month here.

Things have been a little up and down lately. Up, mostly, for which I am very thankful. Truly. I am so glad that though I have to slow down, I can still be home and I am not on complete bedrest. I really am very grateful. But then there have been some days when things have kicked up and I have been up counting contractions all night and into the early morning. Three minutes. Eight minutes. Five minutes. Seven minutes. Anything over 4-6 per hour is a concern right now so I just need to work to keep it down. Thankfully I do have medication but sometimes it takes a bit to affect me. I have had to stop doing photo sessions and just make myself have these last few weeks of taking it easy.

Honestly, everyone involved with my care is very optimistic. This just seems to be the way I roll. Having had three babies already full term is also a good indicator that I will make it again. With Ruby I was on complete bedrest for about four days and at about 10 o'clock P.M. on week 36, day 6, my midwife told me I could get up and walk around....she was born at 37 weeks, four hours....barely squeaking in the boundary. Tymen had me the most concerned but that little bug decided to wait almost another week once I finally made it to 37 weeks. So we'll see....and maybe I will even be around posting myself as big as a watermelon at 42 weeks!

I had Ben take a couple of photos for me today. He is one great guy. He would take a shot that he thought was great. Then I would look and say, "Oh no! I look garish! Back up a little!" Bossy I am. Long suffering he is.

IMG 4264 copy

IMG 4269 copy

As hard as the waiting can feel at times...I love, love, love to feel this sweet boy flipping, flopping and tap dancing all over. We look so forward to getting our hands on him! I remember last year, talking with a girlfriend about how when you long for a baby, you just crave the feel of them, and can even imagine the smell of them. How I look forward to nuzzling our little boy and smelling the sweet smell of his little self. So worth it!'s also helped that I have recently received some new baby boy hats from Etsy vendors and can't WAIT to use them!

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