I got an email from Jared this summer, even before they were engaged. He told me that things with Amber were heading towards engagement and was wondering if he could arrange to have portraits done when I came to Texas and when he and Amber were there on break from college in Denver. He wanted to surprise her (good guy). I was thrilled and excited as I have known them since they were in my Sunday School classes when they were five and six. In the last several years, I've seen (on good old facebook) how they have grown up and fallen in love and like everyone else that's known them forever, I couldn't be happier for them.

They love the Lord. They love each other. They have such a big heart for others. I feel so proud, in a mother-hen-Sunday-school-teacherish kind of way.

This session was pure fun and it was so great to get to talk to them and see them as adults now. We had such a good time. I know they were a wee bit nervous at the beginning. After all, who wouldn't be when your Sunday school teacher is telling you to get close and kiss ;). However, in just a couple minutes we were settled right in. What a joy to see the way that they care for and honor each other.

01-IMG 0733 copy

02-IMG 0748 copy

42-gallery Jared and Amber


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43-gallery Jared and Amber1


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44-gallery Jared and Amber2


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Of course, I made them do a silly one.

13-IMG 0873 copy


14-IMG 0882 copy


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23-IMG 0955 copy

Could they smile any wider?

21-IMG 0974 copy


24-IMG 0973 copy


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LOVE these.

32-IMG 1046 copy


33-IMG 1073 copy

Amber brought along her purity rings that she's worn over the years as a symbol of keeping herself for the one that God had for her. Apparently, there were so many as they'd get lost and found...

I think she's pretty happy to trade them in for that gor-ge-ous ring Jared gave her!

34-IMG 1081 copy

35-IMG 1086 copy

A little dancing at the end.

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41-IMG 1147 copy

39-IMG 1138 copy


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1-IMG 1103 copy

You guys have no idea what a blessing it was to be the one to take these engagement pictures. I am so happy for you and delighted to see what God will do through your marriage.