Meghan is one of the most chilled out moms that I photograph.  I met her when she was pregnant with Maebry and had the opportunity to photograph both Maebry’s first year and Miller’s first year and every time she is easygoing. In fact, she always lets me choose the spots and this last time when I gave her two options, she wrote back and said, “You’re going to make me choose?  How about the one with the best bathrooms for little kids.”

Not a bad idea.  For Miller’s one year session, we turned it into a family session with her parents, and brother’s family who were in town for the birthday party.  Now it’s always going to be hairy when we’ve got a group that includes four kiddos that are four and under, but these adults rocked it out.  They laughed and played and bribed and chased and cheered…and laughed some more.  Those are my kinds of parents and grandparents.  Honestly, the ones that we love the best in the end are the ones that show the personality, right?  When I was editing and came across little Marshall trying to escape his cousin, Maebry’s enthusiastic hug, with Grandma and Grandpa laughing, I was cracking up.

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