I’ve been waxing sentimental, thinking about when this little fella was BORN and mostly how he truly is living up to God’s promise that he’d be A GIFT TO OUR FAMILY. He is truly the icing on the cake.  His joyful personality and loving heart warms me deeply and makes me so grateful that God has given us a little person who fits our family so completely.

He kisses my hand as I hold his when we walk back from the bus stop and yells down to the fishies in the grates.

He wears ladybug wings around the house happily and watches Curious George.

He expects everyone to be his friend,calling “hi” down aisles at the grocery store at whoever catches his fancy and telling strangers, “You my fwen (friend).”

He smooches and cuddles and wrestles and tackles.

When we're heading out in the van, he chirps conversationally,"So, Mom, what we going?"

He has a laugh that makes my heart feel pretty saturated and gets a glint in his eye when he knows he’s cracked us up.

He’s just now really talking more and we love his funny ways of talking.

“Mama, you make me munch (lunch).” “Ooby, you be cute (Ruby, you’re so cute).” He’s really still insistent about food and when he felt I jipped him on pie the other night he bellowed, “CAUSE….ME WANT…..ME NEED PIE!!!!!”  And every day he prays over his meals and before bed, “Please, Jesus, Oma, Opa, come my house.”

He’s captured us heart and soul and he thrives in his role as the baby brother/ comedian/cuddlebug.

He is, just as his name means, a gift from God.  Three years and we are ever thankful that we are the ones who get him.

He’s growing.  At three he no longer calls himself “Dodo” but “Seo” and he’s thinning out a bit (but I sure do pinch that patoochie every chance I get!).  However, when he tells me, “Mama, you my seetheart (sweetheart)” and “Me cwazy ‘bout you (I’m crazy about you)” and “You my ‘ove (love)” I know he’ll always be my baby.

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