It's been forever and a day since I have posted a personal blog because, whew... it's been one busy month and a bit here. However, on Sundays at the Hamiltons we take our day of rest pretty seriously. After church we don't do errands or talk "business" or catch up on house jobs. We nap and play games and read and watch our favorite Food Network shows. I don't work on any client images....but today I did edit some of my favorites from Theo's one year celebration.

One year of loving our boy, makes us glad we have him for a lifetime. How amazing that this was him just one short year ago.

IMG 5455 copycan edited-2

There I was with my camera on our front lawn two days after having this little wonder. This one and the one with the kids I had made into canvases and they have been hanging on our family room wall.

IMG 5385 copy1 edited-1

I decided to revisit this idea to show how much my Theo has grown. Same basket, different apples ;), same boy ( just three times the size).

IMG 5330 copy edited-1


IMG 5332 copy edited-1


IMG 5378 copy edited-1


IMG 5451 copy edited-1

We also did some pictures on his real birthday, which I realized five minutes into it, was not the best idea. It was just me and the three boys in the middle of the day and the best place I found was on the side of the major road that goes up our hill. I am sure I looked like the crazy mom on my hands and knees with the camera, with the baby in front of me and Jasper and Tymen wrestling and laughing their heads off in the leaves behind me. Anything for the shot... and really, no one got run over.

IMG 9322 copy


IMG 9391 copyw


IMG 9490 copy


IMG 9442 copyw


IMG 9503 copy

We had a little family party for our boy and it was fun to celebrate him....and kiss him repeatedly in his cute birthday hat.

IMG 6414 copy edited-1

IMG 6420 copw

IMG 6470 copy

IMG 6500 copy

IMG 6738 copy

IMG 6994 copy

After just having his hat made by Ashley of Elijah's Cradle Designs I saw my friend, Carmen, made an owl cake and I had to order it for his birthday. Carmen's Cake Creations made Theo a baby owl with matching earflap hat to devour and a big owl for the rest of us. It was yummy! How fun to have such talented friends!

IMG 6695 copy

He burrowed his way through that tasty fondant in no time at all!

IMG 6716 copyw


IMG 6852 copyw

We so love this happy boy.

IMG 2415 copyw

At one he is delighting us with his goofy giggle and the way he wants to lean his head into us. He waves, wants to roll around and play with the boys, and laughs wildly when we say, "Booga! Booga!" in the car. He is very serious about food (yesterday he put away five pancakes and a banana for breakfast...I had two.) He kisses big slobbery kisses, loves naptime and makes us so happy he is ours.

Here is the sad face after Daddy gave him a ball and Mummy took it away because she wanted a shot of his face.

IMG 2459 copyw

His name means, "Gift from God." I truly can't imagine a more wonderful gift than him...and our other three beautiful children. What could be better than a boy with kissable cheeks like this?

IMG 2418 copy edited-1

Happy birthday, Theo Maddox.