It is amazing to me that as terribly slowly as the last three weeks of pregnancy went, the three weeks since he has arrived have gone alarmingly quickly! He looks different. He is waking up and focusing on us. He is stretching out and losing a bit of that newborn curl. Ooooh, I even put him on my kitchen scale on Friday and discovered that he had grown two and half pounds in two and a half weeks! As pleased as I am that he is a good, healthy eater, it panics me somewhat that this is going so quickly. Stay LITTLE!

Actually, with this being my last baby, I knew that I would be tempted to mourn his growing out of these sweet stages. Instead, I am setting my heart to savor these days. His newborn squeaks and sighs. The way he pulls off from eating, looking completely saturated with milk as it slides down his chubby cheeks. The work he goes through to stretch and stretch those little arms up to the top of his head. The way he lays on me like a little lump. The curled up legs over his round tummy. How he looks at me with a puzzled furrow in his brow. The way he winces when I kiss him too much.

And being number four, I again marvel at the love in our hearts for him. This little guy isn't just getting the scraps of love and attention but he's being soaked with it from all around. He is a wonder...just because he is ours.

He sure isn't going to be one of those fourth babies who has hardly any pictures taken of him...not my baby.

Here are some of my favorites of the past few weeks.

I really love how this one turned out. For all my kids, my dad has trotted out the day they were born and picked up the local Seattle Post Intelligencer, the New York Times, Newsweek and Time magazine. How much will change in his lifetime? How interesting it could be for him to read about the day he was born.

IMG 5951 copy1 edited-1

IMG 5571 copy edited-1

IMG 5530 copywat

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IMG 5986 copwaty

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Also, I have posted before of Theo with the kids and with me but here are a couple with Oma and Opa and with his daddy.

IMG 5351 copy

He's laughing at Opa already.

IMG 5288 copywat

IMG 5761 copy edited-1

IMG 5768 copywat

IMG 5769 copywat

We LOVE our sweet monkey!

IMG 5557 copy edited-1

There will be many thousands of pictures taken of this child growing up...but these newborn days are so fleeting. I am so glad for every image that reminds me of these beautiful first days.