A year ago I was confined to my bed: reading books, watching way too many episodes of Cash Cab, counting contractions, watching the clock every night from about 1-4 a.m., and being so grateful for the lovely friends who came by with meals, to watch my boys, and to visit. I told Ben the other day that it would be great to have "bed rest" about one day a month now (minus the stress and contractions), just laying around and readying books and having friends bring food by...how great would that be! Ha! It was a loooonnng month and I felt like I breathed a sigh of relief at every day that got checked off. How amazing it is to be here a year later, and how quickly this time has gone!

Only one more month of my baby on the chair. Next month, I'll post all the pictures.

IMG 7803 copy

Theo is a mover and a shaker. He's table walking around and loves it when he can get into cabinets where he stands and tosses things out as fast as he can before he's caught. We miss the good old days in the office, when he laid like a little lump on a blanket.

Now he bangs on my keyboard and munches on the recycling under my desk.

IMG 2833 copy edited-1

With Ben working from home, Theo tries to "help" Dad do his job, and to pull on wires.

IMG 7969 copy edited-1

Ben has taken to booby trapping the whole area around his desk, and Theo grunts and bellows his complaints as he tries to make his way through.

IMG 7987 copy edited-1

He giggles a lot and loves to be tossed around. We have found that he really loves to be in the fray. Even at 11 months old, if he sees Jasper and Tymen wrestling, he crawls quickly over, and heaves himself on top of them. Boys...boys...boys.

IMG 3408 copy edited-1

IMG 3415 copy edited-1

He loves to go for a ride in the red wagon, so long as he doesn't get rear ended.

IMG 6361 copy edited-1

IMG 7792 copy

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He is the little delight of our home. Next month will be full of pictures to celebrate turning ONE. I have some plans..and hats...and an amazing cake coming for our little family party. (How great it is to have talented hat making and cake making friends to lean on :) ).