Well, we know know why our little baby has been chowing down and storing up chub for the last nine months. He's been preparing himself to motor around the house and get into everything! Whew. This month he learned to pull himself up, to crawl fast and to climb stairs and nothing is daunting to my boy as he chugs along. He rates pretty low on balance which has resulted in several bruises already.

He shrieks happily when he sees us, leans his head in affectionately, and does big, slobbery open mouthed kisses on available cheeks. He giggles and giggles when he sees puppets and laughs like crazy when he gets zerberts on his belly.

Here he is on the old chair:

IMG 1871 copywat

Now this is the problem with pulling yourself up when you are a baby. You don't know how to get down. Oh, it's a bummer when you are tired and should be napping.

IMG 2097 copwy

Sometimes you may pause and think that help is on the way but no, mummy is just taking pictures.

IMG 2101 copy edited-1


IMG 2110 copy edited-1


IMG 2111 copy edited-1

Standing up sure makes my little baby seem like... a big baby.

IMG 2178 copy edited-1


IMG 2186 copy edited-1


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IMG 2233 copy1 edited-1


IMG 2242 copy edited-1

Theo's been rocking out and composing some tunes.

IMG 2452 copy edited-1

We pulled out some of the bigger baby toys for him and have to kick his brothers off the table as they take a stroll down memory lane and remember toys of the past.

IMG 2464 copy edited-1

Swinging is a big hit too.

IMG 1472 copy edited-1

Just love this one of Ruby playing with him that I took from my perch on the monkey bars.

IMG 1427 copy edited-1

Standing has allowed him access to new toys too. Here Theo heaves himself up to the train table.

Theo looks at the train.

IMG 2325 copy edited-1

Theo eats the train. Pretty predictable.

IMG 2328 copy edited-1

He also likes to munch on my recycling. I pulled half a sudoko puzzle out of his mouth as he began gagging the other day.

IMG 2334 copy edited-1

We love every bit of this nine month old boy. Even the busy moments of chasing him down before he escapes out the back door or climbs the stairs are shared. The kids haul him back to the safety of the family room where he plots his next escape...and we all laugh about it.

IMG 2350 copy edited-1

Could there be a sunnier smile?

IMG 2392 copy edited-1

IMG 2406 copy edited-1

IMG 2409 copy edited-1

The rubber arm reaches out and grabs a flower.

IMG 2417 copy edited-1

"Mama, take one of me and the Chubster. I love him."

IMG 2427 copy1 edited-1

Yep, we all do. He is the little sunshine that we all orbit around.

IMG 2354 copy edited-1