Last spring, this family showed up on my blog when I had the privilege of photographing Tricia's adoption. Well, they have grown a bit more. Antonio's brother, Nate, is a part of their family. I had the chance to pop out for coffee with Rebecca a few weeks ago and she told me that he's got such a good heart and they are so pleased that they have him in their home. It's an awesome thing to see how God can put family together and everyone has a place, is wanted, and belongs. So they needed some updated family photos and we met up in old Tacoma. They are a pretty easygoing bunch and were up for anything I wanted. I told them I'd driven by these brick cutouts in one of the walls for a while but had never had a chance to photograph anyone in there yet. That's where we started.

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They're a fun family to be with. There was lots of visiting and teasing going on.

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IMG 9919 copyw


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LOVE this one! Thanks, Bella, for being a great sport.

IMG 9934 copywaty


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We had some fun playing around.

IMG 9983 copyw


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The Spanish Steps couldn't have been more perfect with autumn leaves and the white pillars throwing beautiful light on the family. They may have ended up with wet bottoms from the leaves...but they kept on smiling. (Thanks, guys!)


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Oscar was recording and playing back my voice on his iphone. That kind of torture was enough to shut me up...and to get a great laugh out of everyone.

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These are some top notch guys.

IMG 0086 copy edited-1

These next shots were Tricia's idea and they ended up being some of my favorites of the session. Good eye, girl!

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IMG 0101 copyw


IMG 0119 copy


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The girls reeeeeaaallly wanted to do some jumping shots and the guys were great sports.

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Last one. Rebecca is one of the worship leaders at our church and her girls love to sing too. I have them each croon a tune for the camera and they jumped right in.

IMG 0222 copyw

Oscar and Rebecca, thanks for having me photograph your beautiful family. I so enjoy you all.