I love nicknames for babies in the belly. In this family the first baby that came along was called "Pooh" until she made her big appearance as Mikayla. The next little tummy bouncer was called "Tigger" and then was Parker. Number three is a little girl and she's been called "Piglet". How cute is that :) . Here's what big sister Mikayla is guessing that she'll look like. She told me that their baby is going to crawl and she will wear a heart on her pajamas. I can guess who's pretty excited about a baby sister.

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Here's Parker's art depicting what his sister will look like...or maybe it's an abstract showing what everyone will feel like when they are tired and low on sleep.

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Hugs and kisses are waiting for her...and of that I have no doubt.

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Oh, I love this one. The girls.

IMG 3041 copywat

Mikayla was the feisty and fun five-year-old. Of course, this is one of my favorites :) .

IMG 3050 copy1

IMG 3072 copy edited-1

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Parker gave his mom some sugar, then took her face affectionately in his hands....

IMG 3100 copy edited-1

before he laughed and honked her nose. Yes, he is the two-year-old.

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We wanted to do a picture on the slide but the sun was directly shining on it by the time we got to it so we finangled and balanced the outside pool to give us the shade we needed for our shot. It stayed for about 8 or so seconds...just enough time for our shot.

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IMG 3139 copy edited-1

Then a few bare belly pictures.

IMG 3167 copy edited-1

I took Bre inside to get some nice window light pictures and Mikayla just couldn't resist popping in...such a sweet, shiny face close to her mom and her sister.

IMG 3191 copy edited-1

She is so gorgeous.  Bre has photos framed all over their home and it makes me happy when I see that someone values the portraits of their family and displays them.

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Then down to a beautiful field near their home. Mikayla was singing some tunes for us.

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IMG 3254 copy edited-1

IMG 3264 copy edited-1

Thanks to the family for being flexible and getting on the grass...which wasn't exactly the most comfortable grass....but did make for some wonderful images.

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So pretty.

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Mt. Rainier in the background.

IMG 3345 copywatIMG 3378 copy edited-1

Can't wait to meet your sweet "Piglet" for family pictures again soon!

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