It's all we've been talking about at our home all week: Ruby's very wiggly tooth. She's been chomping at the bit to lose teeth all year as she has seen her friends and classmates drop them like leaves in the fall. We got the rundown of who swallowed their tooth, who bit it out on an apple and whose mom gave it a yank.

Upon discovering her tooth was loose about a month ago, she decided to only eat crunchy food to speed up the process. Then this week it really ramped up and she was even offering her brothers a wiggle, though I warned her that she didn't want those grubby hands in her mouth.

And it got very, very loose.

IMG 6571 copy edited-1

Side view.

IMG 6579 copy edited-1

So while I was out last night, Ruby came to daddy, her mind made up that she wanted him to give it a pull. And he did. And she is very, very happy about it.

IMG 6873 copy edited-1

We have an exotic tooth fairy beaver, made especially for her by Emily with a pocket in the back. It looks like the tooth fairy left her a college fund but it actually is just a few dollars wadded up.

IMG 6875 copy edited-1

Beside my bed this morning, I found this note:

IMG 6906 copy edited-1

Translated: Guess what, Mommy? Last night Daddy pulled my tooth out! And I have the cutest smile you've ever seen. To: Mom. Love:Ruby.

By George, she's right.

IMG 6884 copy edited-1

I remember her first grins at me when she was a few weeks old. She was a little muppet with wavy, black stick up hair, big cheeks and a goofy grin. And I was wild for her to smile at me.

IMG 6898 copy edited-1

And that is part of what I love about photography, learning how to slow down and pay attention, to really see what is going on. I want to celebrate the little stuff, to rejoice in the lives that I am blessed to have in my home.

IMG 6903 copywat

How I love this girl.