Happy, enthusiastic, and fun doesn't even begin to describe these three pals on their "friendship session" with me the other day. I think they were laughing and teasing each other just about the whole time.

I just love what we came up with that morning and I really feel like I can only take a wee bit of credit for this one. Their energy and adventurous spirits to try everything, came out in great images that I feel really reflect them. I was impressed with how confident they were and it came clearly shining through.

I have known these girls all since they were little people and I am so proud of them. We drove around the back alley of a shopping square and tried some fun stuff.

IMG 9749 copywat

I tell you these girls are just wonderful, like the Three Wise Monkeys who speak no evil, see no evil and hear no evil. They are good girls!

IMG 9783 copywat

Meet Emily.

IMG 9765 copywat


IMG 9878 copywat

Hannah (who also is a photographer...we may be partners one day).

IMG 9819 copywat

Now these two beauties are sisters and daughters of my friend, Jan. Pure gold, these girls are!

IMG 9816 copywat

They obviously had all eaten their Wheaties that morning and had plenty of energy.

IMG 9797 copywat

They could not possibly keep a straight face.

IMG 9867 copywat

So fun.

IMG 9888 copywat

We all have a little plan now for them to fly up to Seattle for a visit next summer. How I would love that!

IMG 9854 copywat

I love you, Em, Heather and Hannah! Thanks for the great time!

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