The list of his little boy offenses grew by another category today: Sugar Thief.

I knew that I might be introducing a wild card to my genetic pool when I married Ben and his parents sat down and told me of his childish escapades. Pounding 70 lbs. of nails into the backyard fences, walls, even killing trees. Painting the family vehicle with house paint when he heard his dad make an offhand remark to his mom about needing to get the car painted. Blowing up a homemade bomb in the basement. I have to admit though, I did attribute some of it to his mother, who mustn't have been paying much attention.

I humbly apologize.

For now my son is getting into all kinds of trouble and it takes but a mere second.

This week I have been complaining on Facebook about needing straight jackets for my boys, especially Tymen. Licking the bottoms of his shoes in the car after we walked though a gnarly parking lot. Dumping all my scrapbooking supplies out of their neatly organized drawers and trailing them around. Hopping out of the tub, splashing in the toilet and hopping back in. ICK! Opening his peanut butter tortilla up and rubbing it over his hair. Painting his cheeks with his sister's nail polish. The list goes on.

And where was his mother? Apparently not doing her job well enough. Sigh.

So tonight I was cuddling with Jasper on the couch after naptime and Ruby was reading and Tymen was, I thought, roaming around playing. But then Ben came down from the office and his voice rose an octave as he said, "Welllllll, what are you doing?"

Frantically spooning sugar into his mouth from the sugar bowl that his neglectful mother had left on the counter. correction. Yes?

IMG 8575 copywat

IMG 8568 copywat

IMG 8577 copywat

He bumps his brother out of the way so he couldn't get much. Note the chocolate on his face. Must have dipped into Ruby's leftover hot chocolate too.

IMG 8578 copywat

Contemplating his next move.

IMG 8580 copywat

Just had to share this one too. My little soldier.

IMG 8535 copywat

Ummm, just how long are these little boys going to be so much work?