We've been laying low this summer, doing some daytrips and enjoying local parks and beaches, but taking it easy with me being pregnant. However, we did jump at the opportunity to spend some days with my sister, Kelly, and her husband, Dano, and their sweet Quinn at a cabin that they rented in Pt. Roberts. Dano pretty much knows every inch of that area as he grew up spending summers there, roaming around with his brothers, while they stayed at their family cottage. That little (and I mean little!) cottage was right across the road and three doors down from the cabin that Kelly and Dano rented. Now it belongs to Dee (Dano's mum) and her husband, Reg, who spend every bit of time that they can there.

Dee dearly loves her grandchildren and our kids decided that they would include themselves in the loop of grandparent love, and so we ended up hanging out with Grandee and Grandad through the days that we spent there.

Here's our Jasper who caught a kiss from Grandee as she was loving up Quinny.

IMG 3091 copy

Our beautiful days of digging in the sand, finding starfish, and collecting shells often culminated in potlucks at their place. We dipped crab in butter, passed the baby around, and had a happy time.

I asked Dee if she would let me prowl around and take some photos of their cabin and she kindly took me on a tour. It was built in the early 1950's when her parents purchased this amazing property and I was so taken by the feel of it. The details were not Pottery Barn cottage style, every item crafted to create a beach side sense. Instead, the quaintness of their place seem to have grown almost effortlessly, with charming details that spoke of comfort and of not trying too hard.

IMG 3156 copy edited-1

Sandtoys sitting in the yard, awaiting littles to carry them down to the beach.

IMG 3255 copy edited-1

Happy to be in her little piece of heaven.

IMG 3260 copy edited-1

The tiny apple tree in the yard that Grandee allowed my kids to pick from once a day, showing them how to carefully shine their prizes on their shirts.

IMG 3158 copy edited-1

Hollyhocks grow everywhere surrounding the cabin. They are so welcoming.

IMG 3177 copy edited-1

The view from their place. Our first morning there, they pointed out whales that were swimming by. I loved how neighbors would walk down the beach paths and share greetings and news.

IMG 3183 copy edited-1

Their front window. Candles on the table in their gazebo where we would chat mid afternoon with bowls of blueberries and often someone on the laptop. A lantern, much used.

IMG 3164 copy edited-1

In the front entryway.

IMG 3185 copy edited-1

Inside, Grandee treated the boys to a visit with Mr. M &M. They were more than happy to make his acquaintance and wanted to visit frequently.

IMG 3187 copy edited-1

This mini 1950's stove was so tiny and charming, and has turned out some amazing meals, including quite a pasta dish that we all consumed.

IMG 3197 copy edited-1

LOVED this dish cupboard, one of Dee's treasures in the cabin, that includes a mix of dishes that her mother and she have collected over the years.

IMG 3195 copy edited-1

An old, old little t.v. and some goodies hanging in the kitchen. I loved the evening light that lit up the whole place.

IMG 3211 copy edited-1

A painting that Dee just had commissioned from a local artist.

IMG 3213 copy edited-1

IMG 3229 copy edited-1

IMG 3272 copy edited-1

Then a few more of Dee and Reg together.

IMG 3558 copy edited-1

The sunset was golden and bright.

IMG 3571 copy edited-1

Down by the firepit with a glass of wine and their game. They have played there many, many times. Love how Reg's finger is raised in the last one as he accuses his bride of cheating.

IMG 3574 copy edited-1

IMG 3606 copy edited-1

And then...just as we were losing the light, I quickly asked Dee to show me her vespa, which Kelly had told me about. And the helmet! The helmet! Could she be any cuter?

IMG 3616 copy edited-1

Thanks for spoiling us all with the fantastic food, great views, conversation, s'mores at the firepit, and affection which my littles sopped right up.