My sister and her family came down a couple weeks ago for Theo's birthday (and to pick up a load of Amazon boxes that she had shipped to our house since free shipping doesn't apply to Canada). I'll give her the benefit of the doubt and believe that she really did want to visit us, and not just tear through the boxes and boxes that had accumulated. That girl can shop :) . We love having them with us. Dano and Ben can talk until the wee hours when we give them threats about coming to bed. Quinny yells excitedly and throws herself into the fray of cousins. Kelly and I always manage to sneak in a little shopping and a pedicure. This time we brought along Ruby to celebrate Oma's birthday as my parents were here too, of course.

We decided to get a few family shots for them since it had been a while.

The first set was their Halloween costumes. The Queen Bee (surprise!). The Beekeeper. The Drone. Oh man, what a great idea. Somehow Dano didn't have his protective gloves so he grabbed my Anthro oven mitts.

The beekeeper gets stung by the cutest little bee.

IMG 6358 copy edited-1

IMG 6376 copy


IMG 6402 copy


IMG 6312 copy


IMG 6342 copy edited-1

Then when there was a break in the rain, we dashed out and found a street in our neighbourhood with great leaves. I just LOVE the color in these. Quinny is a girl with a plan and is rather independent. Hmmmm. The apple doesn't fall far from the tree, does it? We had to keep her moving and playing and it was so fun.

Dano and Kelly are incredible parents and the way that they enjoy their little miss makes my auntie's heart very happy.

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IMG 7060 copyw


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Then a couple of the grownups.

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IMG 7181 copyw

Oh, but someone wants in on the attention.

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IMG 7240 copy edited-1


IMG 7257 copyw

Messing around!

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IMG 7324 copy edited-1

IMG 7358 copy edited-1

Then to throw some leaves.

IMG 7478 copy edited-1

My mother has lost her mind.

IMG 7484 copy edited-1

This one where the leaves made a perfect window around Quinn's face was pure, dumb luck.

IMG 7448 copy edited-1

I love them. Love that we get to have big, noisy, messy family times together. Thanks for coming. Maybe you should come again soon...there's a stack of boxes growing.