These three have always been girly girls. They know the name of every princess from every story and probably have every costume too. They love pink. They love flowers. They giggle. They dance. They twirl in their dresses. They have long, pretty hair. They are absolutely delightful!

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Lydia, Elyanna, and Adelai. Even their names sound like a song.

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They have a great time together and oh my, these girls can laugh (especially when their friend, Ruby, comes along to make faces and get goofy).

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IMG 8918 copywat

And now they are going to have a sweet baby brother. Lydia told me, "I have been wanting a brother for TWO AND A HALF YEARS!!!" That's a long time to wait but their prayers have been heard.

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This baby boy is going to have a lot of fun with these older sisters.

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They might be dressing him up and making him the "prince" in their pretending.

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Amy looks just fabulous as she keeps up with her little ladies and wonders just what they are going to do with a boy! Well, the Hamiltons can give you a little advice....

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The excitement is high.

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Oooooh, and one more from the littlest princess (with mom's kind permission :) ).

I just laughed and laughed as she looked at me angelically and popped that tiny finger in her nose. Classic.

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Amy and Jaime and girls, we're so excited for you all!

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