One of my favorite parts of doing a maternity session, is getting in on the excitement of the coming baby. When I met Shan and Shauna and photographed her cute tummy , it didn't take more than a minute to recognize that the two of them would be incredible parents. They were so connected and so in love with their girl already. Then on facebook, I saw her post about waiting....and hoping her baby girl would come early...and waiting some more...and hitting her due date...and then going to the hospital...and then Baby Reagan's arrival! I was surprised, though, when less than six hours after she was born, she was emailing me already about taking Reagan's newborn pictures. She definitely wins the award for the fastest contact after giving birth.

Part of the reason that she wanted to schedule was because her mom and grandmother were in town and she wanted to get some portraits of the four generations. I was most happy to come over and meet their sweet girl.

IMG 1525 copy edited-1

See that snow behind the balloon in their front yard? Well, I happened to take the not-so-smart route to their home that morning, going down what I later heard was nicknamed "Dead Man's Hill". Talk about a steep sheet of ice! Whew. I slid and prayed and ended up on the side of the hill going backwards, with my heart pounding. I parked and decided it would be safer to walk the last block and a half to their house. Of course, I had forgotten my cellphone and didn't bother with a jacket so I minced my way down the hill in my clogs with my camera. It was well worth it when I met sweet Reagan Mary!

Here she is under the Christmas tree...a gift that arrived a teeny bit late this year but I know that she was the favorite gift of all. Love how the kitty is checking her out.

IMG 1280 copywat-1

This beautiful blanket was a gift from a friend. How I love handmade goodness!

IMG 1290 copy edited-2

IMG 1302 copy edited-1

Those toes! How lovely were her little wrinkled feet.

IMG 1314 copy edited-1

Do you see that perfect swirl of hair on her forehead?

IMG 1321 copy edited-1

It's unbelievable to me that I could feel newborn fever...just two months after having my own! Truly, these days go so quickly and they are so worth capturing.

IMG 1323 copy edited-1

IMG 1332 copy edited-1

What a dolly! Wheee! It there was a sound track for this photo session it would play like a bunch of little girls playing with a doll, the way we were carrying on about little Reagan.

IMG 1365 copy

She won't fit in her stocking next year, I can tell you.

IMG 1396 copywat

Shauna looks divine. No matter that she was three days past giving birth and low on sleep, she was just shining with love for her girl.

IMG 1405 copy edited-1

Then there was Oma who was so thrilled with her great-granddaughter.

IMG 1427 copy edited-1

Here are four generations of women. How perfect that a little girl should be welcomed into such a circle that cherish her so much!

IMG 1450 copy edited-1

Adoring the baby in all her bias here.

IMG 1476 copy edited-1

This is Nana, Shauna's mom, who was just delighted with her first granddaughter.

IMG 1496 copy edited-1

Just love those feet poking out.

IMG 1511 copy-1

I still get to head back to get a few shots of Dad with baby as he was called in to work on this morning. I look forward to seeing this wee girl again but I will be sure to drive another route to get there :) .

Shauna, thank you for welcoming me to capture such a precious time.