Last Christmas their daughter, Hope, gave her parents a family photo session. (What a nice girl!) Before we actually made it to another Christmas Julie, the mom, worked really hard with everyone's plans to get this session booked with me. It's not like they haven't been busy this year. Three weddings (three!!) in just over a year, I think, and all kinds of trips and people here and there and all the stuff that goes along in a big family kept them pretty busy. Even this session was squeaked in before a good bunch of them jumped in their cars to run up to Bellingham for a soccer game (which Amos' team won :) ). I got a call from Julie about an hour before we met to touch base. "We're primping," she said. I laughed as Julie does not strike me as a primper. She told me the girls had insisted on mascara and that the fun and noise at her house as everyone was getting ready, reminded her of the wedding prep. When the girl vehicle arrived to meet me, they stopped for coffee as they laughed and said that they shouldn't have trusted the guys to all get there together. Just a few minutes later, the guys did get there and the family volume/heckling/laughing lasted pretty much the entire time we were walking around. They are a fun crew and the affection that they have for each other was clear even as they pestered each other.

"Act natural!"

"Don't smile like that! Okay, that's better."

"This is not a democracy! It's a dictatorship."

Funny. I think that there was some solidarity with the girls and most of the teasing was directed towards the boys and the parental units.

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Here's the original five kids with the parents.

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Here they are with the added daughters-in-law and son-in-law. There's also a wee little baby on the way too. How much attention will that sweet baby get!

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The guys were mucking around, using their groomsmen poses that they've perfected this year.

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Only Faith looks traumatized by her parents' PDA.

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As is often the case, one of my very favorites was not my idea. (Thanks, Jessica!) This makes me laugh every time I look at it.

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Me: Hope, what's the best meal your mom makes?

Hope: Uhhhhhhh.

Me: It shouldn't be that hard to think of it.

Grace: It shouldn't be, that' s right.

Tease. Tease. Tease. But mom knows they love her.

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I had the guys do a "tough guy" stance for me. Hilarious.

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Dave (the dad) :Why can't I wear my coat? You're all wearing jackets....

The daughters: Because, Dad, our coats are cool and yours is not.

Good sport.

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I said, "Mingle amongst yourself. Kiss if you have to." Of the couples, I think several took up the opportunity.

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Julie and Dave, what an incredible family you have.

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Thanks to the peanut gallery for all your fun and comments :) and for making the time to do this.

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