My kids have been with me on a lot of trips to Walgreens when I pick up lollipops to use during sessions (blog post soon to come on this obsession). I have seen them look longingly at the candy, and ask when they can have a turn. So it was time. We had a beautiful evening, kids with clean faces and a few spare six hundred sugar calorie specials. My ever loving husband helped me pack everyone in the van and we zoomed down the hill to catch the sun in a grassy field by our library. The light was gorgeous. Blowing dandelions.

IMG 9761 copy edited-1

Love this pink cap my girlie got for her birthday from her sweet friend, Hannah.

IMG 9834 copy

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The boys were getting a little freaked out in the long grass so I took their photos on the very edge.

IMG 9868 copy edited-1

Oh, how I love, LOVE to kiss these cheeks. Sometimes I go in his room at night and smooch and smooch them while he is sleeping, and he tries to get away by rolling over.

IMG 9866 copy

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And then things got a little hairy. Tymen almost ran onto the road. Jasper and Ruby grabbed lollipops out of the bucket and crashed them together breaking them. Mummy scolded about grabbing. Kids cried, feeling their lollipop dreams drifting away. We made one more trip to Walgreens for replacements. Ben roared down the road for the last bits of sunset. My shoe broke and I limped along in one blue sandal. Jasper cried.

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And then....the shots that made it all worth it...that now have found a place on the front page of my website.

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IMG 9976 copy edited-1

Colorful candy, blissful faces, bright shirts, golden sunset.

IMG 9963 copy edited-1

They were happy. I was happy. It was worth the effort.

Then the sun set, the lollipop fell and broke, the sugar coma set in, and the two year old wailed when his dad tried to take his dirty treat away.

And it was time to go home for a bath.

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