My sweet niece, QUINN, had no choice but to succumb to a marathon photo session with her auntie. I pretty much went for the day and in between meeting the cousins, coffee, lunch, diaper changes, and feedings, sweet Quinn was in front of the camera. warned...for the never ending newborn session could very well turn into the never ending blog post.

But I'll tell you, with a sweet little grin like this, a never ending post can't be so bad! That's her little foot waving around up by her chin. Part of the fun of photographing newborns in the first week or two is that you get those really cuddly newborn poses...hands by the face, legs curled over tummies.

IMG 4874 copy edited-1

This little lovebug has been loved, cuddled and kissed all six days of her life so far. She is a perfect darling...a really easy baby.

IMG 4906 copy edited-1

She modeled lots of Oma's hats and obviously had some sweet dreams in them as she kept having little smiles on her perfect lips.

IMG 4914 copy edited-1

Her Daddy just shook his head as my sister and I posed her and squealed away at how CUTE she was!

IMG 4924 copy edited-1

A nice warm house, a nice full belly, people adoring you...who wouldn't feel warm and cozy?

IMG 4928 copy edited-1

We even squeezed in some "craft time" between pictures when I held her and her mummy pushed those tiny feet into a clay mold. No matter, she just kept her eyes closed and snoozed away.

IMG 4932 copy edited-1

And in between shots there were many kisses. No wonder it took so long.

IMG 4945 copy edited-1

Quinn's daddy adores her. Kelly says he just picks her up and smooches at her little face. They've always been such a great uncle and auntie, that it's such a pleasure to see them so smitten with their own delight.

IMG 4949 copy edited-1

The next set crack me up. He was cuddling with her and nuzzling her face and she latched right onto his nose...and then looks a little embarrassed.

IMG 4964 copy edited-1

She's figuring it out.

IMG 4973 copy edited-1

Wearing her out...a big yawn. Just everything a baby does is so cute!

IMG 4977 copy edited-1

Pretty like her mumma.

IMG 4986 copy edited-1

IMG 5013 copy edited-1

IMG 5026 copy edited-1

I ADORE this one. Loved right in the middle.

IMG 5034 copy edited-1

Outside the new home that her parents moved into two weeks before she arrived. Whew! What a month for them.

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There is no describing the pleasure that comes from seeing my sister discover how wonderful being a mummy is. She has always had a full life, enjoyed people, pursued goals, and now to see her consumed with a crazy love for her beautiful baby, is beyond words. I am so proud of her and so confident that my sweet niece will grow up in a home filled with light and love, and undoubtedly, lots of clothes as my sister is a shopper unequaled by anyone I know :).

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IMG 5071 copy edited-1

And then we had to play just a little more...dressing up her dolly. Oh my. We love you, baby!

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IMG 5065 copy