People are like stained-glass windows. They sparkle and shine when the sun is out, but when the darkness sets in, their true beauty is revealed only if there is a light from within.”
Elisabeth Kubler-Ross

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And this is Rebecca. She has found the Light, which is God's love, and as a result, she is among the most beautiful women I know. Jasper confirmed it today as I was editing. He leaned on the desk and said, "She's cute and beautiful, Mumma." My three-year-old knows what's up.

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Rebecca is one of those women that shines brightly and widely on the circle of people around her. She truly seeks to lift up others and to share the hope she has found. She is funny. She is smart. She sings. She loves her family.

I am glad that she is my friend. She asked me to do this photo shoot with her and I was delighted. She is about to embark on some projects that have been on her heart for a while and these photos will be part of that. I am proud of her for stepping out into what is her passion. Here is a LINK TO HER WEBSITE which gives information about the ministries that she has been invited to participate in, especially singing, song writing, and now speaking. It also has a video of her story which is a powerful one. She has a great big heart and is a wonderful communicator of truth.

So we spent the evening roaming around Tacoma, finding beautiful light and fun places. We talked, talked, talked and then had to pause here and there to take a few shots. Then we would pick up our threads of conversation and carry on. She is Canadian too and shares a unique perspective with me and a few other Canadian ladies that live here too...and of course shares a love for things from the "old country" like Tim Horton's, etc.

Pure, pure fun this night was for me.

Game to try anything, she hopped on a train.

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Down by the waterfront along the Port of Tacoma there were funky old buildings with bright colors that we loved.

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Her little girl, Bella, has the same smile!

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Then we hopped in the car and went down to Ruston Way.

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One of my favorites.

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This was the gorgeous golden light that we get just before sunset. LOVE IT!!

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Thanks, Rebecca, for such a fun night and for letting me persuade you to finish up our time at Starbucks so we could finish up all those conversations we started.

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