We piggybacked on my sister's family's trip to Pt. Roberts LAST YEAR and had a blissful couple days. This year when time opened up for the same cottage,  we jumped at the chance to go up again. We loaded up the van and car with sandtoys, Trader Joe's snacks, water bottles, sunscreen, kids and crafts. This year, in a stroke of brilliance, Ben and I asked two sisters, Kaia and Jessa to come along and do a little babysitting, so we packed them in too.

The week sailed by in a happy rhythm of hot chocolate on the deck in the morning, breakfast in p.j.'s, craft time with the girls, walks out to the beach, lunch, book and nap time, bicycling, another trip to the beach as the sun lowered, dinner, baths, books, cuddles,  prayers.

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Morning hot chocolate.

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Kaia and Jessa kindly invited Ruby to sleep in their tent with them. It was a wee bit chilly so I dug in the closets and found these nifty wool sweaters which the girls claimed kept them toasty. Here they are working the new look. Please don't thank me for posting this, girls :) .

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Jasper, our singer, would sing made up songs from the book he dubbed, "The Butterfly Sing Along Book".

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These girls were my right and left arms the whole week. They jumped in and did crafts and projects with the kids and walked them to the beach many times. The baby would squeak and one of them would pop him on her hip and mix up some food. They even did the bathtime routine most nights with sandy and grumpy boys. They were kind and appreciative and just an absolute pleasure to have with us. Being with two sisters like this, Ruby started up asking us for a sister again and the boys would climb all over them too. Ben and I had some time to go for a walk on the beach, read books, go for lunch.They don't know it, by I might drag them along on every family trip from now on. An easy vacation for me...and lots of little boy potty stories to come home with, right girls :)?

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My boy loved to dig around in the dirt. We had to fill in some holes which he enthusiastically dug in the yard.

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The lazy, cottage and beach days would eventually culminate into dinner conversations and puttering about the kitchen to make yummy meals. Kaia and Jessa made homemade ice cream sandwiches which we ate nearly every day. This meal was bratwurst with carmelized onions, red cabbage with vinagraitte, grilled peaches with reduced balsamic, and fried potatoes. Mmmm.IMG 2246 copy edited-1

Here's my sweet gal enjoying her meal with some rope she found and twined around her head. Summer happiness.

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Grandee (my brother in law's mom and our adopted grandma) and Grandad have a lovely property right on the water and we invited ourselves over to their firepit for a s'mores night.


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The fire burned down. Grandad tucked Tymen close and helped him roast his marshmallow. The other kids cuddled on laps.

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Grandee (with permission) fed Theo a bit of his first s'more. We were all tickled as he enthusiastically partook. He bellowed angrily when it was finally taken away.

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Then there were these pure sunshiny moments where Theo had his belly kissed, the kids munched happily and Kaia and Grandee got ready for round two. IMG 2070 copy edited-1

We hit the Fourth of July parade and apparently in Pt. Roberts, if you have a motorized vehicle and can slap a hat on your head, you qualify to participate. Kelly and I looked at each other and laughed as a woman with a daisy chain on her hair rode a John Deere tractor down the road and tossed out Tootsie Rolls.

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Then back to Grandee's at night where the boys yelled, "Best Day EVERRRRRR!" when Grandee allowed them to get treats from Mr. M &M.

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A little more ice cream...lots of treats on this trip.

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It was a good week. Good to be unplugged. Good to be with my family and girls that feel like family.

Sitting with my warm boy after his nap, smelling his sunscreen-y skin and loving his weight on my lap was bliss for me. A few months ago, Jasper and I were watching a show when a Disneyworld commercial came on. I said, "Wow, that looks like fun. Would you like to go there sometime?" He replied, "Well, I guess so. Maybe. But didn't you say we were going to see Grandee and the cabin this summer???!" I have to agree that the cottage on the beach may be even happier than "the happiest place on earth".

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