After church last Sunday, we roared home, fired through some pb and j's and tossed everyone in the van after locating six rubber boots. Off we went to the pumpkin patch at Scholtz Farm.

I love the changing of seasons and always by the end of one, I am feeling ready for the next (with the exception of winter...I am ready for spring the day after Christmas).

There are really things that I love about each season and fall has quite a few: crisp air, the vibrant colors, roasting squashes from the local farmer's market, pots of yummy soup on the stove, candles that smell like caramel, and a trip to the local pumpkin patch.

We crowded in with a bunch of locals who were trying to get to the patch on a dry day too. At this farm they have giant pumpkins, little displays around the farm, and a bunch of trikes and little cars for the kids to ride down a sawdust hill. There were animals such as lambs, donkeys and even a turkey whose frantic gobbling had Jasper laughing so hard he could hardly catch his breath.

IMG 6156 copywat

Tymen's boots fell off a few times and I found him marching around the mud in his socks. These are the details of our lives that I want to remember right long those legs are and what everyone's boots look like.

IMG 6195 copywat

Thought bubbles coming out of each head. Tymen....I should shove this in my mouth and add it to all the other germy things I try to shove in my mouth to freak out my mom. Ruby....maybe if I get crazy my mum will let me off this bench so I can see the turkey again. Jasper.....look at me, look at me....I have a pumpkin, Daddy!

IMG 6184 copywat

My loving little dwarf. How this smile makes me happy.

IMG 6203 copywat

The boys. I try to put the boys in bright colors when we go out for easy identification.

IMG 6246 copywat

Daddy pushes everyone out to the fields. Note the small twig Tymen has inserted in his nostril just for fun.

IMG 6269

The one!

IMG 6334 copywat

This girl's smile makes me feel like I have done something right in this world.

IMG 6376 copywat

Love, love this one.

IMG 6390 copywat

And of course, no trip would be complete without the needing-a-nap-two-year-old melting down in the parking lot at the end of the day. I want to remember this too.

IMG 6354 copywat

I love the fall. I love my little life. These days are worth celebrating.