We put our Christmas tree up this year with the kids giving "all the help you need and more", as Ben phrases it so well. Tymen got to put the star on the top and I heard his voice from the other room as Ben lifted him up high to do the honors. "Me not scared.....this fun...... ME SCARED!!! Daddy, you help me???!!!!? Apparently the lifting up high and out was a bit much for him.

My favorite ornaments each year to put on the tree are the frames of my kids. Oh, it make my heart happy to see them up there...and the kids love it too.

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I've been thinking lately about that feeling when I was pregnant with Jasper, wondering how I could possibly love another child like I did Ruby. It was a bit unnerving and I know this concern has been raised for other parents adding to their families. Then when he was born we were all over-the-moon crazy about him. And then we added Tymen...and now Theo. It is amazing how they can all be so very different, so completely unique but all my favorites. I look at each one and my heart is so full with loving them, especially when they are sleeping :). Isn't it interesting how much you can forget of the days' stresses and mishaps when they are laying all flushed and warm in their beds. The roaring I did at Tymen when I discovered him drawing on the wall dissolves and I think, "My, what a sweet, creative boy he is!"

Ruby. Six years old. Writing in her science journal for fun. Digging through the recycle bin when I am not looking to get craft materials. Giving me updates after the school day on everyone's behavior. Reading to her brothers. Wanting to swing dance with her daddy. Loving her new boots. Highly interested in glitter. Devouring books. Loving her brothers. Singing at church and telling me that she waves down at Jasper when his class comes in to worship with kids' church.

My favorite.

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Jasper. A laugh that makes me smile every time. Putting together puzzles. Drawing people with a mouth, eyes, and arms and legs coming out of the head. Loving to cuddle. Dramatic. Having moments of camaraderie with Tymen. Getting dressed and grinning at me, "Mum! How do I look?". Kissing, kissing, kissing his baby brother. Loving to bake and cook. Still ferociously attached to Giraffey.

My favorite.

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Tymen. My grey hair maker. Messy and happy. Kissing and smiling. Skinny even though he eats a ton. Getting into EVERYTHING. Affectionate and loving to take care of little people. Adventurous and funny. Sneaking bites of food off the counter. Loving to be a helper and go on errands with daddy. Wanting to please us. Easy to please.

My favorite.

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Theo. Cuddly and warm. Loving to be loved. A gift to all of us. Chunky and sweet. Fitting just right into our family. Happy eater. Easy disposition. Filling my heart with great, great delight.

My favorite.

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I see all of them together and wonder that God could bless us with such children. They fit us. They fit our family. Perfectly.

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Our favorites. I hope you are enjoying these special days with your favorites too!