About three months ago we kept referring to her as "Piglet" during the family/maternity session when they were eager to meet their little girl. Baby Kylee is here now and was just two months old for their family session. It was fun to see them loving their sweet baby and so happy to have her.

Bre, their mom, got some wonderful little Christmas outfits and we started their session with all the kids dressed up in their cute duds. Little Kylee looked around with her big blue eyes and didn't make a peep while she was kissed and cuddled and manhandled by her big sister and brother. Mikayla was even helping her to wave for the camera.

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Oh my goodness. Doesn't she look like a tiny doll here? Mikayla and Parker are very proud of their baby.

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The guys.

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When I photograph babies I sugar sweet talk them and get right in their faces and often I get great expressions.... but no-one gets a huge response like the parents do. Little Kylee is in love with her mommy.

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During our hour at the gardens we had lots of different lights but when the soft "sweet light" came at the end I hustled everyone to the corner of the garden to take advantage of it.

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Just love this one!

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Styling! She was working the look for me.

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When I posted this picture as a preview on FB, my friend Keri commented, "I want to pin this to my "If I had a daughter" board on Pinterest. Absolutely adorable". I laughed. Who wouldn't want a cutie like this?

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Brown boots for the girls.


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It's always amazing to me how the new little babies that join families fit so perfectly and are loved so completely. Kylee's puzzle piece fits into this family just right and I know they are so pleased to have her.