Late afternoon sunshine and a crisp fall day and a gorgeous senior to photograph....sign me up! I had a lovely afternoon with Asha taking her senior portraits. Her mom was the designated driver and we meandered down 162 from Sumner to Orting, jumping out whenever we saw something fun or inspiring. Her mom warned me that she was a slow driver and Asha nodded her head vigorously, but it was just a perfect afternoon. We started at a couple abandoned buildings. Poor Asha was sinking in the mud as I ran her around but she kept on smiling. And what a smile she has! I love it when confidence and beauty shine through so clearly.

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She has the biggest eyes that are so shiny and full of life.

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We hopped over to a pumpkin patch which was hopping with people and worked hard to find some spots away from the crowds.

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Really, what senior session is complete without a picture with a giant, pink, haybale pig?

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I always make the moms get in a picture or two as well.

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Part of the fun for me on an afternoon like this is playing with all the different lighting. She looked stunning every which way I turned her.

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Then off to Orting for a few more pictures after a wardrobe change that happened at Mc Donald's since we walked into the bathroom being used and not locked at the park. Eeek!

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PERFECT timing for some great evening light. Isn't she just stunning all lit up like this?

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Asha is a dancer and I loved these next ones.

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Asha, thank you for spending this time with me. Not only did I love taking your portraits, I so enjoyed you and feel like you are going to do beautifully all the things that God has for you!