I've had the blessing of photographing many, many families this fall and I have loved it! The other day, I wrangled up my own crazies for a few fall pictures. No outfit purchases...just dug through the drawers for anything that had fall colors. Now, here's the reality. The nice light was after naptime post school pick up. As much as I would like to say my children sailed into the park and tossed leaves with abandon, it's not true. There was: a grumpy boy who kept yelling for everyone's cheese, a five year old who had all his own ideas, a cold Tymen who had just been pulled from his cozy bed to get siblings at school. Everything aligning during photos is very, very rare. Usually we just need to play and have fun and then mummy needs to know when the time is up! But, as always, I am so glad we made the effort.

05-IMG 7525 copy


06-IMG 7542 copy


01-IMG 7600 copy


02-IMG 7584 copy


04-IMG 7604 copy


07-IMG 7560 copy1


08-IMG 7558 copy


09-IMG 7544 copy


10-IMG 7545 copy


11-IMG 7602 copy


13-IMG 7643 copy

Give that Theo a stick or sword and he's happy...and someone inevitably gets injured!

14-IMG 7649 copy


12-IMG 7611 copy


15-IMG 7664 copy

And then...the little guy began to yell...and it was time to call it a day :).

18-IMG 7682 copy