He has captured us all heart and soul. I find that we are circling around him all the time. Kisses. Smothering kisses. Squeezes on the thighs. His brothers are not allowed to squeeze. Attempts to make him smile by singing and talking to him. Shared victory when he rewards us with ready grins and his favorite syllable, "Goo."

We are absolutely in love with this child. Three months of having him in our family is more than enough to convince us all that he is a perfect, perfect addition to our nest.

He's growing. He was 16 pounds at his two month appointment, off the charts. Frankly, I am afraid to weigh him right now. He smiles like all the time. He makes happy coos until he gets tired and then he makes desperate, tired sounds. He loves attention and we are happy to oblige.

IMG 4142 copyname

Time is passing and we can't quite figure out how to slow it down.

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Here are a few favorites from the past month. The first one is him trying to talk.

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If he can make it through his brothers' affection, he can survive anything!

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Yummy, handknit blue outfit is a gift from our friend, Karen. We think she should open her own shop.

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This wonderful, comfy onesie (which may or may not show up in Easter pictures this year), is made by my beautiful friend, Christina. Check out her Etsy shop HERE. How I love all her goodies!

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Poor bud was exhausted after church, a lunch out and then a photo shoot. Put me to bed, already!

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We are grateful for the gift of our son. I am choosing to slow down and really savor these days. The other day, I was rocking him while the boys were down for naps and Ruby was at school. We moved together in that comforting rhythm as I was memorizing his smell and the weight of him in my arms. What an amazing thing that nurturing can make us feel so loved ourselves. I love my baby boy.