I am happily back again from my trip to Santa Barbara. Isn't it a wonderful thing to come home from a great trip? Theo and I returned last night (with the help of hosts of kind strangers on the flight for the mum flying solo) and jumped into the van to happy cries of, "MUMMMY!!! CHUBSTER!!!" We had a little lovefest on the way home, telling each other how much we missed each other. Then when we got home we had treats and presents brought out of the bags, along with snuggles with Ruby, Jasper, and Tymen. My heart was full. I love my kids. I was feeling a great deal of warm fuzzies. This morning I decided to make a special breakfast of pancakes and pineapple. Tymen was up at the island watching me stir in the batter. I smiled at him, feeling the calm of a week of no time outs and then watched, shocked, as he leaned over and spit into the electric skillet. SPIT! I guess he was pretty fascinated by the sizzle but my dear, dear two-year-old got an earful from his mummy! Back to reality..... :) .

It's a good thing that I love my reality, including this little mister who is now the ripe old age of four months. Eeek. It is going so fast.

Here he is at four months, showing us his new trick, sticking out his tongue, which he does all the time.

IMG 7638 copywat

What a difference four months makes... I think it is interesting how the light in this room changes according to the weather outside and the time of day.

IMG 5797 copymonth

IMG 7089 onemo

IMG 1199 copy

IMG 4142 copy

Could there be a better baby for our family? We think not. He is happy and roly poly. We laugh when he curls over his pouty lip, especially because he is not a pouty guy (except when he is low on sleep and food, then he's a grumpy munchkin). The kids all lay on their tummies around him on the floor and talk and sing to him, and he rewards then with squeaks and "goos".

I am definitely understanding how the baby of the family can end up being parented a little differently than the first. I am feeling pretty casual about a lot that I was very principled and concerned about the first time around.

A fun little series taken outside of the Santa Barbara mission.

IMG 7113 copy

IMG 7141 copy

IMG 7081 copy

IMG 7126 copy

The light in our hotel room was divine in the morning. We tried on Theo's new hat. Then he asked me if I could document his love handles. I happily obliged.

IMG 7375 copy

IMG 7418 copy

Sometimes, I look at this boy in wonder, that all this chub is on him because of me and what I have eaten. I am fully convinced that all this dimply chubbiness is much more attractive on his thighs than mine.

IMG 7435 copy

IMG 7464 copy

IMG 7458 copy

I love this little captive of mine and am so thankful for all the photos I have of him as he is changing daily.

Oh, I also wanted to mention that I am going to be teaching a little class on how to get better photographs of your kiddos at my MOPS (Mothers of Preschoolers) group at my church in Federal Way on Wednesday morning , March 23. Moms, if you want to come by and visit we would love to have you. I am going to go through some basic principles that will turn out better photos, guaranteed, no matter what camera you have. We all know that our kids are amazing. Let's make sure we can document it too :) .

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