There are two consistent miracles that seem to happen every Christmas tree farm trip which we've made for the last several years with friends.

1. The sun shines. Truly this is a miracle when the tree farm day always is sandwiched between days of black skies and torrential rain. I mean I woke up during the night before this trip because of driving rain on our roof and when I woke in the morning there were sunny skies. Miracle.

2. We leave with every child that we came with. Granted, children have been a little lost in the trees, fallen over tree stumps, gotten muddy and a few have even been slightly crushed when the dads cut down the trees and forgot to yell "timber!!!" but we've come home with them all. Our friend, Eric, says, "No child left behind" and so far, so good. Miracle.

We love it. We put on our boots and slog out and Denise buys bags of donuts which she feeds to the masses. Somehow we all end up at the trees between hauling kids and saws and a diaper bag or two. The boys pick up twigs and whack each other. I forget to pay attention because I am having so much fun photographing it. We're making memories.

Jonathan and Kellie and their girlies were with us this year again like last year. The girls had their terribly cute owl hats on.

01-IMG 3958 copy

Kellie's gorgeous sister, Ruth, was along too. (Pretty, pretty).

03-IMG 3959 copy

02-IMG 3940 copy

Ruth took our pictures for us (thanks, Ruth!!).

08-IMG 3984 copy

09-IMG 3999 copy

Then there was Eric, Denise, Kiana, Korban, Malakai and Leo.

06-IMG 4015 copy

Eric photographed with his mighty saw on his head. Who's the king of the tree farm?

05-IMG 4001 copy

Eric's sister, Amy, came along for the fun again too.

04-IMG 3963 copy

07-IMG 4034 copy

10-IMG 4110 copy

11-IMG 4039 copy

All the kids ate donuts on the wagon while we waited for the train. I appreciated the extra effort Jasper made to smile for the group shot.

13-IMG 4100 copy

14-IMG 4125 copy

12-IMG 4049 copy

18-IMG 4136 copy

16-IMG 4130 copy

While we waited for the train our friend, Haley and her two kiddos showed up to hang out too. The more the merrier! Here's London waiting for the train.

19-IMG 4137 copy

The boys kept a watchful eye out and soon it arrived.

17-IMG 4131 copy

20-IMG 4146 copy

21-IMG 4160 copy

22-IMG 4153 copy

23-IMG 4166 copy

24-IMG 4168 copy

We circled around, found the perfect tree, and Theo coached the cutters.

26-IMG 4186 copy

27-IMG 4197 copy

28-IMG 4212 copy

29-IMG 4202 copy

30-IMG 4218 copy

32-IMG 4232 copy

33-IMG 4239 copy

Because hitting your brother with a branch is fun.

31-IMG 4219 copy

When the trees finally fell, we drug them to the traintracks to wait for our transportation back.

34-IMG 4247 copy


35-IMG 4282 copy

Sweet Lily peeks out the back.

36-IMG 4300 copy

Then off for hot chocolate at Starbucks and home to trim the trees.

No child was left behind. We each got a tree. I got pictures of the day. All ended well.

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