What a fun month! I enjoy my trip to the mailbox each night and getting cards and updates from families is such a treat! I've been thrilled to hear of clients making prints, canvases and gifts for family members. Last night, my friend, Kelly posted a picture on Facebook with about a dozen prints in frames of images from our session that she's giving as gifts. Yay! I also got a call from our friends in Texas to whom I sent a canvas of their kids about a week ago, and told them just to open it as soon as they got it. They cried and I was so pleased that it meant so much to them. Happy. Speaking of gifts.....I do have gift certificates available should you want to bless someone in your family this Christmas. I will be changing my rates somewhere around the end of January but my Christmas gift certificates can be purchased at 2011 rates and then used at any time next year.

I'm really, really loving the rhythm of December. Now that all my sessions are done, I am having lots of time at home with my little crew. I have actually been like a house on fire, cleaning drawers and closets, redecorating my part of the office (Ben's part is beyond hope), and finishing projects. The boys and I just whipped up a couple batches of tiger butter for our neighbours. I stirred and poured, they licked all the used dishes and utensils.

One of my big projects each year is getting a good Christmas picture to go with our newsletter. This year I cruised by the Target Dollar Spot (love that area!!) and snagged these hats. Then I grabbed a box of candy canes and we were set.

Ben came out to be my accomplice as I worked hard to get a good shot of all four moving targets. No easy task but it was hilarious.

Here are some of the outtakes.

There was no way Theo was staying on the bench without motivation.

IMG 4940 copy edited-1

I always need an individual picture of each kid at Christmas as I add a frame with it to our Christmas tree. I love how the frames are multiplying.

IMG 4942 copy edited-1

Whoops, there goes the hat. Ben runs in and adjusts it.

IMG 5003 copy edited-1

Sticky, happy.

IMG 5032 copy edited-1

All the kids got their treats and Theo started rolling around on Ruby's lap. She laughed and pushed him back.

IMG 5060 copy edited-1

He tried to grab her hair with his sticky hands.

IMG 5114 copy edited-1

Then he wanted Jasper's candy cane. He started grabbing.

IMG 5125 copy edited-1

Then he pulled Jasper's hat down and clocked him on the head with his candy cane.

IMG 5144 copy edited-1

While Jasper was blinded he made another move to grab part of the candy cane that had broken off. Strategy.

IMG 5151 copy edited-1

Sticky, messy, and laughing at the end....we did it.

Here's the shot:

IMG 5062 copy