These girls are some of my favorite little sweethearts. We met up two years ago and last year and you can bet I was looking forward to seeing their sunny little faces again! When they drove up to the park, they hopped out of the car with fistfuls of fresh carrots from their garden and big grins. Oh happiness. They are getting so big and that twin-connection-I-love-my-sister-thing they have going on just seems to be getting stronger and stronger. They adore each other. Sally and Ed just smile as they share stories of how the girls are so, so attached to each other. Love it!

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He calls them his bunnies and gets a kick out of teaching them big words and concepts. He threw out some crazy statement and almost-kindergartner Lucy rolled her eyes, smiled and sang out, "Hyperbole!!!" It was too funny.

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They love their mummy too.

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I love this next series of pictures. It just makes me smile to see how much they love each other.

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Sally, you're going to need to blow this one up :) .

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Lucy and Olivia, your carrots were stupendous and my time with you was splediferous! (I bet your dad can explain those words to you). Sally and Ed, once again I am blessed by your family. Thank you!