We've had a rough morning. Tymen and Jasper have been grumpy, grabbing, kicking and yelling. Timeouts. Apologies. New infractions. Mummy was not happy with them at all. When Ben came down from the office to pour himself some coffee from the French press, I was briefing him on what had been going on and added, "I am so frustrated, I am ready to eat them." Jasper let out a mighty wail. "No, DON"T EAT MEEEEEEE!!!!"  I noted the self preservation...he didn't really care if Tymen got eaten...he just wanted to save his own skin. Rather than reassure my son that his mother is not a cannibal, I exchanged satisfied smiles with Ben, hoping to create an internal urge to obey, lest his mother start gnawing on his leg. Off to roomtime where they are happily playing in separate rooms and we are all feeling much better.

These boys can be a lot of work. Yes, indeed. However, they can turn on a dime and I will see them building together and happily pretending, and I am glad that they have each other.

It's been fun to see these guys also take to Theo like a ducks to water. They love him and I have to be careful or they will rock him right out of his little chair, put their fingers in his nose or squeeze him way too tight. However, Theo doesn't seem to mind and loves the attention.

IMG 7814 copy1 edited-1

IMG 7819 copy edited-1

IMG 9059 copywat

This little guy has a whole world of fun waiting for him. Brothers to teach him how to build, to kick balls, to connect train tracks, to make mummy crazy.....

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IMG 7956 copy edited-2

IMG 9360 copywat

See my baby grinning there? He won't grin for me but he will when he is with those wild older guys.

IMG 9383 copywat

Boy number three. It's busy but I love it. And I think Theo doesn't look like he could ever be really naughty.

IMG 9458 copywat

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