My sister has been getting a whole lot of free photography lately. I've been reminding her that she owes me big. She claims that the pedicure she gave me while she was 9 months pregnant should be enough. There was her maternity session which is one of my belly favorites. Then I got to be there for the whole day of Liv's birth.Here were a few pictures I posted right after I got back from Livy's birth showing some of the crazy nesting and sister time that went on beforehand and just a couple peeks of the wee star.I think I could get very addicted to birth photography. The emotion and excitement of the day is incredible.

Kelly and Dano and I headed to the hospital around noon. Dano was puttering around and Kelly was giving him the checklist of what to toss in the car. She and I had run to the dollar store that morning for little champagne glasses for a post c-section celebration. We were all pretty amped as we arrived at the hospital. (Oh, and she paid for my parking...that was nice ;) )

IMG 6250 copy

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We were crossing our fingers and toes and praying that the doctors would let me in again to photograph. I got on my scrubs and was thrilled when word came that I was going to be permitted in.

IMG 6272 copy


IMG 6275 copy


When Dano and I went into to the OR, they were hard at work, though everyone was in great spirits and was joking around. I so appreciate their kindness in welcoming me to in capture that sweet time. What a gift!!

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IMG 6286 copy


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IMG 6304 copy

And there she was! Liv was beautiful and I was crying all over as she started howling when she was born. I took these shots and then quickly hit the replay button to show Kelly what she looked like. She looked PERFECT!

IMG 6329 copy


The pediatrician quickly announced her perfectly healthy and wrapped her up like a little jedi.

IMG 6344 copy

Happy mama.

IMG 6345 copy

IMG 6350 copy

IMG 6351 copy

IMG 6355 copy

The first hold.

IMG 6363 copy

Oh, how we laughed at that little pout. Then she just looked back and forth between her mummy and daddy.

IMG 6371 copy

IMG 6410 copy

IMG 6413 copy

IMG 6421 copy

First kiss (of tens of thousands in her lifetime).

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Then down the hall to recovery.

IMG 6507 copy

Grandee (Dano's mum) and Grandad were there to greet their new grandbaby. She was ready to take some pictures.

IMG 6510 copy

IMG 6517 copy

IMG 6518 copy

IMG 6534 copy

LOVE that perfectly brand new newborn head.

IMG 6565 copy

IMG 6576 copy

IMG 6586 copy

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IMG 6653 copy

IMG 6662 copy

After Kelly and Liv had been in recovery long enough he was given the go ahead to bring in the grandparents and little Quinny for a visit.

IMG 6613 copy

"Ninny go see my mummy and my baby." Everyone in the hall was smiling.

IMG 6690 copy

IMG 6707 copy

I would say she was half interested in her baby and half in her mummy's "owies".

IMG 6720 copy

Once she was assured that mummy was okay, she cuddled and kissed her baby.

IMG 6724 copy

Grandee was smiling a mile wide. Oma was delighted but needed to exercise superhuman strength not to hold the baby as she felt like she might possibly have a bit of a cold. Opa was at home after a foot surgery but they both have had their shares of baby time now.

IMG 6742 copy

IMG 6756 copy

IMG 6760 copy

IMG 6805 copy

IMG 6812 copy

Quinny was one happy big sister.

IMG 6816 copy

How lovely of Liv, to "give" Quinn her own baby too. (big hit!!)

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IMG 6838 copy

IMG 6841 copy

IMG 6851 copy

IMG 6852 copy

Then Dano uncorked the champagne and the cork flew through the room and champagne spilled. We quickly mopped it up and then toasted the girl of the day!

IMG 6894 copy


IMG 6909 copy

IMG 6913 copy

IMG 6931 copy

IMG 6933 copy

IMG 6938 copy

Practically perfect in every way. We are so grateful for beautiful Liv to be a part of our family!

I had to drive home that night after she was born but am so looking forward to being up in Vancouver again in two days to introduce the cuzzies to this precious girl...and to get in lots of cuddling time.

Happy birthday, Livy. We love you!!