Saturday morning was a flurry of getting on mittens, hats, and strapping kids into the van to get our Christmas tree. It was frosty but sunny when we got there and met up with friends. We collected everyone and headed off. I'll post a bit more on this trip later but first I was wanted to post the sessions that we piggybacked onto this fun morning.

The first was with Kellie, Jonathan, Ariella, and Kellie's sister, Ruth (Auntie!!Auntie!!- according to Ariella). After working our way out to the fields and getting our trees, we took the train back to the barn. While the guys paid for and loaded up the trees, we all warmed up in our vehicles. Ben headed off with our crowd and I walked to a building that I'd been wanting to use for a long time with our friends. There's a neat old antique store that's not used now, on the corner of the property with an old rusty car and vintage gas pumps on the front steps. We did a maternity/Christmas session there. Little Ariella is going to be a big sister in a few weeks and they are all so excited to have their new baby girl arrive.

IMG 7549 copyw


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Truly, Ariella has the funniest "shocked" look that she's been great at since she was a little baby.

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Here's Ruth with Kellie. Auntie can't wait to get her hands on another niece as well.

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I asked Ariella to give Auntie a hug and she cozied in and cradled her own face. Sweet girls, both.

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IMG 7655 copyw

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Two years old. Two girls. Two is good.

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This day at the tree farm was my last day of shooting sessions for 2011...unless, of course, their little sweetie comes along :) . I'm so happy for them.

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