It's been said that the best things come in small packages. If one looks at Baby Ariella, it could be said that the most miraculous and wonderful things come in small packages...ones that weigh about four pounds and six ounces.

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How happy I was to photograph this little treasure, especially after the maternity session with her parents a few weeks back. She came a few weeks early and surprised everyone.

Look at this lovely smile on her face. I think she's happy to be here...I know her family is delighted about it.

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Do you see this little pouty lip? Do you see those little legs curled right up? This gorgeous blanket was made by a wonderful friend and almost met disaster when the diaper came off. Thanks to Ariella's dad for his quick run for the wipes.

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Love this hat that my mum knit for my littles. I am happy to keep putting it to use. A yummy strawberry.

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I was a little concerned that she might be too little for the pod, but alas, it is truly one-size-fits-all-newborns. Isn't her hair unreal? I am sure that her mop must account for a few ounces of her weight, at least.

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Kellie's best friend, Becca, got this sweet bear for Ariella and it was a perfect prop to show just how little she is. It will be fun for them to use in other pictures as she gets older. Don't you love how she is striking a pose?

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Her parents are crazy in love with her, no surprise. They are warm and relaxed and confident.

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I love how big her daddy's hands are compared to her tiny body. She looks like she is perfectly comfortable being loved up. When Jonathan said her name, it was so clear how tender he is towards his girl.

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Kellie was radiant and happy and it is so obvious to me that she was completely made to be a mommy. I loved how in tune she was with her sweetheart.

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All the focus is on the mommy in this beautiful.

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I adore this picture...the silhouette of the connection that they have is so striking. Can you see those little shiny eyes gazing at her mommy?

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I love babies and moms and dads and families and God who puts it all together.