We grew up with a paparazzi dad. He was constantly following us with his camera, even when cameras weren't so common. He took his camera to church, to the grocery store, and hounded family at gatherings. He was known for insisting on group shots with every family get together, and would be heckled by the cousins and aunts and uncles as he scrambled to get in the pictures while the timer on his camera blinked away. To be honest, sometimes it was annoying and there are a few family Christmas shots with glowering teenage daughters who were a little irritated with the picture drama. And now we are grateful for all of it: the documentation of really bad perms (me), matching dresses, bad shoe and dress co-ordination (Kelly), birthday cakes and camping trips in Banff. So a couple of weeks ago, I continued in my role as paparazzi sister, and talked Kelly and Dano into a mini family session in Point Roberts one evening after consuming our crab and pasta feast.

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That Dano sure loves his girls. Quinny looks blase about the kiss. She's pretty used to being smothered.

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Kelly and Dano's thoughtful friend, Fiona, who lives in France sent over lovely little French dresses for Quinn...two of them, complete with cardigans.

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Love this one, especially that we caught some of the lovely evening light in Grandee's hollyhocks.

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