Ruby got the artistic gene from my side of the family. My dad can push the button on the microwave and use a screwdriver if necessary but can't hook up technology to save his life...that's my mum's job. However, he can sketch a wall-sized mural in about 15 minutes and can paint and use pastels. He even went to art school and his big claim to fame was that Joni Mitchell was in his class. We don't know if we believe him....he's lied to us before...something about being born on the kitchen table.... When Ruby was two and a half she was in the back of the car with my dad while we were driving to Seattle. He had whipped out his notepad and pen and was instructing her. "Now, a big head. Now the eyes with eyeballs. Good job. That's right." When I saw the picture at the end of the trip, I was shocked. There was a little cartoony character with eyes, a nose, hair, ears, eyebrows, teeth...the works. I asked my dad if he held the pen with her but he hadn't. No, my little left-handed princess had gone from scribbles to pretty detailed people in one fell swoop.

She loves art. The desk in the office is one of her favorite spots and most mornings I wake up and find her in here. And then I find little love notes and illustrations all over the house for us to find. Sometimes she takes us on a treasure hunt. Sometimes we find her offerings on our bedside tables.

This is the sight that I see when I look left from my desk.

IMG 6189 copywat

Her favorite gifts are art supplies....markers from Oma, paper enveloped from Santa, stickers from friends.

IMG 6172 copywat

She devoured the create-your-own storybook kits she got for her birthday.

IMG 6177 copywat

Here she is, heavily concentrating.

IMG 6186 copywat

I love it when she is working away and she cracks herself up.

IMG 6200 copywat

This was a little journal from school where she wrote that her favorite present was a spirograph kit for making designs. She also said that her favorite foods are corndogs and apples. To my knowledge, she has only had corndogs twice in her life. I guess they were memorable. I love her little cartoon guy here.

IMG 6208 copywat

I love this sweet five-year-old, so full of fun and ideas.

IMG 6205 copywat

Draw, girlie, draw. You sure look like your daddy but the way you are bent, is very much me.

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