When we moved to Washington from California nine years ago, we were pretty excited about buying a house. Once Ben got a job we got right on the phone with a realtor that had been recommended to us. We gave her a big long list of things that we were hoping for and she got to work.

When Janine picked us up that day to run us to the four houses that she'd previewed, she had a warm sunny smile and was so engaging right away. Our house was the second house we saw and she smiled and said, "I think you may like this one the best!" Two minutes in, I said, " I want to LIVE here!!!" Ben immediately responded, "You will not be negotiating. We're letting Janine do the talking." Oh, how I am glad that she brought us here. I love our home so much. Tough client, eh, Janine :).

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Janine wanted some pictures to celebrate a new season in her family's life. Her oldest daughter has been away at school for a while and now her youngest daughter is heading off to college this fall and she's going to be an empty nester. Well, that is, except for Gunter. Gunter came along with us for the evening as we took some portraits of Janine and her beautiful girls, Sasha and Serena. It was fun to chat with them about what they were doing and we had a good time. They were great sports and were up for just about anything I suggested, though they did look incredulously at their mother when she suggested standing on top of a dumpster.

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I took a few extra headshots for Janine to choose from for her business. I'm always happy to do that during regular sessions.

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Then I loved this fun series by these awesome doors.

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I totally forget what question I asked but obviously Janine is the guilty one.

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Girls, thanks for a fun night and all the best with school!